TSM Daily Report (unmaintained)

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Language perl
License GPLv2
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This program attempts to give a TSM administrator a daily report that contains all the things that need to be periodically looked at. Wherever possible it will offer advice on how to fix problems found or attempt to resolve them itself. It will generate a nice email with the report and will modify the subject to flag and problems found so that you know when it’s really important to have a peek inside the report.

TSM is a data management solution that is now offered by IBM. It’s a huge, sprawling, flexible monstrosity that work perfectly… if you watch it and keep it fed and watered. Thankfully, TSM is also very scriptable and extensible.

If you know of anything that you’d like added, you find a bug, or just can’t get it to run for you, please email me at paudley@blackcat.ca and I’ll see what I can do to help. Please note, I no longer have access to a massive tape robot array or a running copy of TSM, my help will be quite limited.

Thanks to the many people that have passed along code or suggestions and to the Wellcome Trust for funding my time at the University of Dundee.