Patrick Audley

Hacker / Full Spectrum Technologist


Patrick Audley is a seasoned technologist who has more than twenty years of international startup experience and a broad palette of scientific, business and computing skills. He has been instrumental to numerous tech launches, acquisitions, pivots, and exits from a string of successful startups that spans telephony, high performance computing, crowdsourcing, bioinformatics and security.

Patrick has orchestrated moving several complex high throughput systems to the cloud, among them: a social networking and marketing site that routinely supported over 10k concurrent users (2014), several scientific analysis pipelines including applications in genetics and satellite imagery analysis, and multi-continent deploys for high resiliency financial applications.  Hallmarks of Patrick’s projects include minimal costs, leveraging open source and off the shelf where possible, and focussing on maximizing development team throughput.

Patrick is an active member of the local Vancouver startup and development communities and enjoys fostering new talent as well as building and shepherding companies through adventurous times.  Dangle a good idea in front of him, tempt him with a cup of coffee and he’ll yak your ear off on just about any topic.


  • Startups
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Finance
  • Cryptography
  • Bioinformatics
  • Supercomputing
  • Team Dynamics
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Teaching Programming


  • Blackcat Informatics® Inc., 2015

    Management Consulting


  • ABT Capital Markets Inc., 2018

    Democratizing Capital Markets / Fintech


  • Tanka Technolgies Inc., 2017

    Satellite Imagery Analysis / Global Event Correlation


  • MBO Inc. / Strutta, 2013

    Social Augmentation

    Director of Technology / CTO

  • Cogneto, 2006

    Cognitive Biometrics

    CTO, Founder

  • University of Dundee, 2002

    Computation Biology

    High Performance Computing Manager

  • Group Telecom, 1998

    Competitive Local Telco

    Founding Team / PKI and Crypto

Selected Publications

  • Evaluating Usability and Security with Users of All Ages

    Details PDF

  • Globally Aware Authentication

    Details PDF

  • OXBench: A benchmark for evaluation of protein multiple sequence alignment accuracy

    Details PDF

Recent Publications

More Publications

Random Projects

  • C++ LRU Cache Template

    Fast, thread safe C++ template with Least Recently Used (LRU) removal semantics. Complete with a comprehensive unit test suite. Threading features require the BOOST scientific library to be installed.

    c++, template-library, least-recently-used, caching
  • Active Record Ramblings

    A walk through the basics of the Active Record pattern, using PHP as an example and covering how to build a simple one yourself.

    php, code-fundamentals, object-relational-mapping, orm, design-patterns, active-record
  • TSM Daily Report (unmaintained)

    This program attempts to give a TSM administrator a daily report that contains all the things that need to be periodically looked at. Wherever possible it will offer advice on how to fix problems found or attempt to resolve them itself. It will generate a nice email with the report and will modify the subject to flag and problems found so that you know when it's really important to have a peek inside the report.

    perl, tivoli-storage-manager, tape-robot, automation